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I am trying to create a simple report with a CSV data source. I created one with the sample SQL DB, but all attempts with a CSV data source give me a blank report. The documentation on this is vague. 

I tried setting  "Use query executor mode (the report must use the CSV quesry language)"

Also, looked a data set and query dialog - perhaps I need to select alll of the rows, but do not know how for a CSV file. If I select read fields in this dialog (the docs suggest this) when using query excutor mode, I get a CSV_READER parameter not set error.  Ether way, the fields are in this dialg, and I can preview the data. My guess is that I need a way to select all of the rows. 

I have tried various compinations of data conector settings and data set and query dialog, but I alway come up with a blank report. It looks like this question was asked a few times on this board, but never answered.

Thanks for any help.

- Mark

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Try as explained in this tutorial. This may give an idea.


Thank you .


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Thanks - I may have found the issue. I created the report as a web report, since it populated the table. This worked with a DB adaptor, but not with CSV, XML, or XLS files, If I use the non web report and add the fields by hand, it is working. Go figure ...

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