Building JasperMobile Android with Eclipse?

Why does Jaspersoft recommend using Eclipse to build JasperMobile Android applications when the sample client application errors out when it is imported into Eclipse because Eclipse+Maven+ADT integration doesn't support apklibs. The guide goes into setting up maven from command line. If I'm going to use command line, what's the point of setting up Eclipse?

It seems Eclipse 3.5 or later shouldn't be included in supported IDEs because it'll cause errors.


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1 Answer:

Hi, when I import the JasperMobile Project i have errors in xtyles.xml and themes.xml. I have fixed the themes.xml errors but in styles.xml i have errors with the "parent" tag. For example with this line: <style name="saveReport.reportName.label" parent="inputControl.label" />

I obtain this error: "Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the gicen name 'inputControl.label'."

How can i fix this error?

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