Versions of Jaspersoft ETL

I downloaded a Jaspersoft ETL, but when I ran it, it says Jaspersoft ETL Express. Are there different version of Jaspersoft ETL? If so, how is Jaspersoft ETL Express different, is there a feature comparison chart of different versions? 

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2 Answers: will give better idea. you can check the versions over there for talend. Also you can check the version numbers in jasper community site. which ever the version you want to download just replace the version number in the URL.

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Jasper ETL come in 2 diferent flavors:

- Jasper ETL Community This is the Open Source Jasper ETL, it contains the ETL STUDIO ONLY and once installed it may be branded as JETL Express this product can be compared with Talend TOS

- Jasper ETL (Comercial) This is the Commercial JETL Studio plus the Commercial JETL Server. The Studio part  brings extra components for Big Data plus all the components included in the Community JET. And it has a comercial license. 

- And Add on exist for Jasper ETL (Comercial) that adds high availability, load balancing, etc to the server and Pig and Mapreduce components to the Studio.

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