groupby and domain in jasperstudio


I used to build report in jasperstudio with sql query, now i use domain and don't find how to groupby fields in jasperstudio.

Do i need to set this in the domain from jasperserver or can i do this directly in jasperstudio?

Can i use a parameter to group datas from a field ? how to do this?

Thank you

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1 Answer:

When using domains in Jaspersoft Studio, you need to do the group by at the report level. Just right click on the report name in the JSS outline windows and click on create group

Tip: Remember to get the data from the domain query sorted in on the fields you are going to be grouping by

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thank you for your answer, 1 last thing. What do you mean in your tip by "...sorted in on the fields you are going to be grouping by".
I want to do a groupby for a table but i cant include in it subdataset the group var

jbreuil - 8 years 11 months ago