Get Report information using CAS login.


I have downloaded JasperMobile app and It requires us to provide DB authentication like following.

    serverProfile.alias = @"Jaspersoft Mobile Demo";
    serverProfile.username = @"phoneuser";
    serverProfile.password = @"phoneuser";
    serverProfile.organization = @"organization_1";
    serverProfile.serverUrl = @"";
    serverProfile.askPassword = [NSNumber numberWithBool:NO];

But, I have a requirement in which I do not have user credentials, I have to login to a CAS system and it will set a cookie in the browser, you need to take the session ID from the cookie and include them in the headers of the REST requests sent from JasperMobile app. Is there any way to accomplish this?

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1 Answer:


In new application version (2.0 release version) we will provide new authentication flow and we hope it will be tried and enjoyed by you!
But our application still isn't support CAS login.


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