Report with Multiple Dynamic Queries -- Require Help. Urgent !


I am new to Jasper Reports. We are using jasper server ad hoc editor to create reports. We are in urgent need of creating a dynamic report as follows:

For e.g., our table in database contains fields as follows:

Company_id Sales_amt Emp_count Year_est
C3455 500 5 2002
C1223 156 3 2001
C7789 600 6 2005
C4890 800 12 1999

           I would like to create a report as below:

Sales Range No. of Companies
100-150 0
100-300 1
200-550 1
200+ 3
600+ 1


  • Sales ranges will be given as input at the time of report execution.
  • Sales ranges will be as per end-user's wish.
  • Maximum no.of input ranges can't be predicted.

Can we create such reports in Jasper Server Ad Hoc editor? If yes, please guide me on how to create such reports?

Please note that I am not using iReport Designer to create the reports. Please help. It’s urgent.

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