User Profile Attribute in .jrxml report SQL query. LoggedInUserAttribute

I would like to use a Logged in User Profile Attribute in the report SQL.  ( yes, another example of row-level security )

My initial test failed;  just showing a User Profile Attribute in the title of a report.   I believe you should create a Parameter for each attribute, which I did.  But there was no way to define it, using the expression editor. 

I've found a few things from the .pdf manual set, and reference links (many of which are old), which I will include.  The topics are relevant, even if the links they reference are dead links.

btw - Where is the Jasper Reports API published ?   


------ From the Server Admin Guide ------

4.4.2 Built-in Parameters for Query-based Input Controls
Table 4-1 Built-in Parameters for Query-based Input Controls

LoggedInUser   ....

If there is no match, the parameter is empty.
This parameter is only available if it is defined in a query
or as a report parameter.

keywords API: Jasper Reports Library API   IQueryManipulator

There are Parameter available which provide this data:    ?? Old Post ??

?? Old Post ??   No Replies

keywords API: Jasper reports API  MetadataUserDetails

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