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HI :)

I'm working on project with gwt and eclipse.In my application, i'm showing for the user a list of devis.when he select  and click on button export i want to generate a pdf.for that, i have classe named Devis wihch containes list of attribute for example : number ,List,...

the List is collection of data comming from class LigneDevis. I want to create a report for that devis, so i'm using Ireport to design my report.My problem is i don't khnow what kind of datasource shoud i use :(

is the beancollection is the solution ?? if it's how i cofigurate the classpath of ireport so he can khnow the field ??another problem is that i don't want to display the data in table.I think beancollection do it automaticly :(

I'm really confused and i'm asking for your help :)

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