Jasperserver 5.5 link is not opening

I have used Jasperserver 5.1 on US server and we have a valid license file for this. Now we want to move all our reports on an overseas server. I could install Jasperserver 5.5 and copied the same license file from US server in the same location in this new server. But Jasperserver link is not opening. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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1 Answer:

The license file should be good (and the same) regardless of which country the server is run in. However, the way many customers are using their license file is to copy the license file to the Home folder of the user who is running the Application Server.

Unfortunately, under Windows, this can be a different folder location depending on which Windows version is being used.

If you look at the JasperReports Server Install Guide. pdf, it has a Section 6.2, "Setting Up the JasperReports Server License". In this section there is a list of default home folder locations that correspond to the different Windows versions.

Also, it explains how to set a JAVA_OPTS setting to point to a specific location for the license (ie you can put this license in whatever folder you would like to - and then point to this location).

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