Connect to MongoDB using JasperReports Server web app

I have a Mongo DB database and I want to extract data from it and produce reports in JasperReports. I've read which discusses how to connect MongoDB to JasperReport.

However that document only gives instructions for the GUI app version of JasperReports Server, and I am using the JasperReports Server web app.

Is it possible, using the web app, for me to connect MongoDB to JasperReports? How?


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I had a similar issue that I solved by the following:

  • dowload iReport Designer or jaspersoft studio from sourceforge
  • Create a Data Adapter and add your mongo database with login credentials
  • Create a JasperReports Server Connection and refer it to your own JasperReports Server instance
  • Create a new JasperReport using the Report Wizard
  • After creating your report, publish / upload it to your JasperReports Server.
  • The .jrxml file will now be visible within your JasperReports Server as a 'Topic'
  • Login and Create an Ad-Hoc-Report in your  JasperReports Server
  • Choose the Topic selection and browse to the directory that you uploaded your report to previously
  • And that should be it!

However, the problem that I encountered througout this process was that there were no fields from my mongodb visible. The Jaspersoft Studio tool Preview produced an empty report. 

My database, called shortstories, has a collection called hardbackbooks. And each row in 'hardbackbooks' contains the 2 fields, content and created_date. The query string I used when creating the report is below; Can anyone help with this JasperSoft to MongoDB syntax, please? 

{collectionName : 'hardbackbooks',
findFields : {


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