JasperServer 5.5: Created new role and user, but get Access Denied when logging in

Using JasperServer 5.5 Community Edition

Here is what I did

  1. Created a role called ROLE_OTHER_USER
  2. Created a user called testuser and added this user to ROLE_OTHER_USER
  3. Created a folder under Reports called Other Reports
  4. Provided "Execute Only" permissions to ROLE_OTHER_USER
  5. Logged in as testuser and got "Access Denied"
  6. Changed permission to "Read + Write + Delete" - still "Access Denied"
  7. Changed root permission to "Administer" - still "Access Denied"

Searched the forums - no convincing answer. Is this feature broken or am I doing something wrong? I don't want to assign testuser to ROLE_USER (it defeats the purpose of creating a new role).


One way of getting around this is to assign testuser to ROLE_USER and then remove access to ROLE_USER to the folder and assign Read access to ROLE_OTHER_USER. Convoluted, but I guess a user must belong to one of the predefined roles.


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1 Answer:

You've done correctly. All users must belong to either ROLE_USER or ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR to login to JasperReports Server.

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