How to get dropdown list in jasper

Hi i am new to jasper report .i have a requirement in my project query is select x,y,z,count(*) count from table group by x ,y ,z from this query i am display data using x,y,z,count columns data

But in my requiement is when ever use click on particulat x or y or z values in droup down list  i want to display the data for entire table in new page i.e have value for x is abc ,yyy,zz  when user click

s xxx i want to display data for xxx vaule form entire table in next page. Here presently i am display only x,y,z,count data in jasper and same i display using java.please let me how to dispaly data

in droupdown list is it is from jsp or jasper we can i achieve this .please this is urgent for me waiting for u r replya thank in advance...

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