HTML 5 Pie Chart Break Apart

We are developing a HTML 5 Pie Chart. In the default one, issue we are having is that if from the 5 values plotted, if 2 are large and 3 are really small the smaller values occupy so little space its difficult for anybody to see them.

So, I think a break apart pie chart might work in such a case. Basically, there would be some space between each slice making the smaller slices more clear.

How can we achieve this in Jaspersoft Studio?


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1 Answer:

Jaspersoft Studio uses Highcharts for HTML5 charting. To explode a pie chart, you need to edit some code. If you look at you can select the "View Options" and the "Edit in jsFiddle" links to see what can be done.

For reference, the Highcharts API documentation can be found here:


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I tried that out. In the Highcharts samples, it shows that pie slice has to be set to "sliced" = true.

I am not sure how that can be accomplished within JS, especially since our data comes from the DB?

I tried setting an hcproperty to = true but that didn't work.


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