Creating a Table Report that Has Sum variables per Group

I have a report filled with Sales Data. The data is broken down by department and grouped by department groups.


Table Header - Empty

Table Column Header - Column Headings (fields

Table Group Header - Department Group Number and Name

Table Details - Data (per department)

Table Group Footer - Department Group Totals

Table Column Footer - Empty


The data is oranganized and being displayed in the proper locations, but I am unable to get totals for the variables in the Department Group Footer. When i look at the Variable itself, it does not give me the option to increment or reset based on Group. I only have Report, Column, Page, and None. Am I missing something that allows the increment type to be set as group?

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1 Answer:

What is Variable7s "Increment type" set to? Are you setting it to "[Group] Department" ?

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The variable will not let me select group as I mentioned above. It will only allow me to pick report, column, page, and none as both increment type and incremental reset.

adam_7 - 8 years 6 months ago

Did you create a "Group band"?

If you're using Studio (as you should be using), go to the Outline view and right click on your report and select "Create Group".

hozawa - 8 years 6 months ago

Thanks, that fixed the issue. I didn't realize I would have to create a Group Band even though I am not using that band at all within my report.

adam_7 - 8 years 6 months ago