Issue with aligning static text with stretching text fields!

Dear All,

I am new to Jasper Reports. I am trying to design a table with 2 columns. First Column -> Labels, 2nd Column -> Respective field values

Here "text field data" is dynamic and it can be of any size. So I have specified text fields and respective Static Text as "float". For Text Fields I have specified "stretch with over flow to Yes". Also some elements are printed conditionally. Please refer attached jrxml for more info. (this is smaller chukc of xml I have prepared to demonstrate my issue.)

My issues are

1. Some times, the last two lines are not printed at all, though they are set to print always. Hieght of the element is not proper. See Issue-1.png

2. Height of the elements in same row is not same. Please see Issue-2.png

I would appreciate if you can help me to fix these issues.

Many Thanks in advance.



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1 Answer:


select the text boxes or static text boxes you want to be in same size and make it as one group as. 


and then set Possition type="Float" and Stretch type="relative to Tallest Object". this will resolve your hight issue

and add isStretchWithOverflow="true" to your XML or check in Properties.


this will resolve your printing issues. 

Hope it will work ....!!!



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