Enabling Flash or HTML5 for Pro Charts ?


We are using jasper reports server 5.5 professional edition. 

We don't want to use flash player to render pro charts in web browser. So according to the jasper server admin guide document ( 7.13.6 section) , we updated com.jaspersoft.jasperreports.

fusion.charts.render.type to html5 in the jasperreports.properties file to render pro charts by html5. But when we create a dashboard with these (pro chart ) reports , it is getting distorted that is not loading properly but individual reports are loading properly.

We are not able to figure out the issue.

Could any one suggest instructions to configure pro charts to render using html5 at server level and report level.

Please note when we design dashboard with html5 chart reports , it is loading/rendering properly , so we are sure that our browser supports html5 and when we instal flash player the dashboard is loading propely.

 Ur help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


Referrence : http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/jasperreports-server-admin...



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Editing/setting com.jaspersoft.jasperreports.fusion.charts.render.type within jasperreports.properties will set this behavior at a server level.   It can be overridden, like the doc says, at a report level by adding a report level property - net.sf.jasperreports.print.transfer.fusion

Sounds like your config is probably okay. So if display is fine in regular reports, but not dashboards, then if this is easily reproducible it might be a defect in dashboards.

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1 Answer:

Getting similar situtation when retrieving reports with Chart Pro using web services. It seems the best solution is not just to use Chart Pro.

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