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I'm able to install JasperReports Server using *.war file on Tomcat with PostgreSQL and with MySQL but can't fully install demos. The demos comes up partially, but it's seems like not all tables are created or it's missing some resources.

The demos works properly if I just do a full bundled installation.

Has anybody been able to fully install demos on to their *.war setup?

I'm using the most recent versions of MySQL (5.6.16) and PostgreSQL. The sql command was erroring out because the installation script contained "TYPE = INNODB". It seems the sample script was created for earlier version of MySQL.

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The Shipped demos work only with Postgres. The MySQL script in the installer to create the demo databases does not have all the tables needed (and was not updated for the later MySQL release) by the new sample in 5.5.

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Should write something about that in JasperReports Server Installation Guide.
From looking at Table 5-2 Buildomatic Targets to Execute to Install the WAR File, it seems demo will get installed on any database by execute js-ant scripts.

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