Ad hoc reporting

                    I would like to know whether new version of jasper community  server supports ad hoc reporting. Most of the people are confused in this. So quick replays will help me and other peoples  who are interested  in  Jasper reports

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2 Answers:


AdHoc reporting is only available in the Professional and the Enterprise commercial editions (5.5). The AdHoc designer is able to create Table views, Chart views, Crosstab views, OLAP crosstab views (with Native mondrian or XMLA/MDX OLAP connections), OLAP charts. Then, it is possible to create a report (JRXML) using the AdHoc views and a default or custom report template (With logo, page number, date, in portrait or landscape layout, for exemple).

The AdHoc designer also comes with the Dashboard designer feature to build dashboards in a web browser.

It also comes with the semantic layer, wich enables the business user to create his own queries, in business language (no more technical language such as SQL, MDX or xPath).

But you should contact Jaspersoft's Sales reps to know which edition would best suit your needs in terms of features and prices. I am pretty sure that they have a solution for you.



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AFAIK, there's no plan to make Adhoc reporting available in Community version in the upcoming 5.6.0. You'll need to purchase the commercial version.

5.6.0 Commercial version, which is planned to be released this April, will have more functionalities in Adhoc views to make it much more useful.

The low cost alternative is the AWS version which is priced on how much you use it.

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