Input Control -Single-Select Query: Works with Query, but won't work with Stored Procedure


I've created a stored Query in Jasperserver that calls:  EXEC  store_procedure_name.  I've also created an Input Control (Single-Select Query) that uses that Repository based Query that I just created as the basis.  The issue I'm having is that no matter which way I setup the Query and Input Control, it will not load the Input Control when I view the report and will actually cause all Input Controls on that report (I have 5) to not load at the top of the report either.

The only success I've had with this is by changing the Query from calling a stored procedure to calling the actual query that is contained in the stored procedure.  So instead of EXEC stored_procedure_name, I have the Query defined as SELECT * FROM dbo.table WHERE etc, etc, etc.

Can Jaspersoft/Jaspserserver not handle calling stored procedures via queries/input controls?  That is my only guess at this point since the query itself will run just fine if no stored procedures are involved.

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I had the same issue.  I'm using Table Valued Functions which seem to work fine. 

Good Luck

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