Suggestions for maintaining justification at the end of column?

We are using iReport v5.1 (I realize this is an older version; we have discussed upgrading but have not committed to it yet).  I am building a license agreement report where I need a large block of text to flow automatically from one column to the next, and the text needs to be styled.  To accomplish this I've put the text into a styled text field and applied basic HTML formatting (bold and underline tags) and escaped special characters like quotes as needed.  (I couldn't get the text to flow when using a  Static Text element.)  The text is justified for even left and right margins.  This works great.  The problem I'm having is that when text reaches the end of the column but it is not the end of the paragraph, the justification is lost and the text looks like it's the end of the paragraph:

Also irritating is the fact that there's plenty of space after "any" for the word that follows it, but that's secondary to the issue of the blank space itself.  Is this a known issue in v5.1 that's resolved in a later version?  Is there a workaround?  Or am I just stuck with this?  I know it's a cosmetic issue, but it bugs me and I'd like to fix it if possible. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Though my original search turned up nothing, the "Similar Questions" listed after posting show this is a LONG-standing issue so I'm not holding my breath for a solution, though if anyone has more info I'm all ears.

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