How to create domain with domain designer for a Neo4j data source

My JasperReport BI server was hosted on Amazon AWS.

I successfully added a Neo4j data source with the Neo4j JDBC driver I downloaded from here:

Now I'm creating a domain with that neo4j data source. Can someone give some example with queries for Neo4j. (I attached some screenshots of method I tried.)


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Instead of moving to ireport as suggested by abroitman in the answer, we can use the jasper studio(thick client) . In jasper studio we can add neo4j datasource and at the time of creating report we can write cyper queries in query editor by clicking the 'dataset and query editor dialog' beside the zoom buttons on report window. once we create the reports we can publish them to jasper server. find the publish icon on the toolbar. - 5 years 3 months ago

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Hi Justin,

Our Neo4j connector is not supported by domains. In order to develop reports for your Neo4j database, you will need to use iReport. As Neo4j was developed as a pilot, the way to create the report is not standard. Here is how you can do so.

1. Download iReport

2. Create a report

  • Create a new datasource and set JDBC DataSource field: org.neo4j.jdbc.Driver
  • Set JDBC URL with the host and the default port: jdbc:neo4j://HOSTNAME:7474
  • Leave username and password blank.
  • Run iReport and add the Neo4j JDBC driver jar to the iReport classpath (tools -> options ->classpath).

3. Deploy the report to JasperReports Server

  • Configure the report datasource to the JRS data source you created.

4. Run the report

Search for the report or browse to the report in the JasperReports Server repository.

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