JasperReports 5.5 - Delegating Enternal Authenticator on Java EE Web Containner

Are there any sample configuration in order to integrate JasperReports Server 5.5 in order to use standard Java EE Security implemented by  by the Java Web /Containner where JasperReports is deployed ?

In reference documentation i can only find some samples for using external ldap, database and CAS. A standard Java EE Security sample would be usefull, and alo Configuration for usinj JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service)

Reference Documention
JasperReports Server Authentication Cookbook

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I would be interested to know if these instructions work. There were some changes from 5.0 to 5.1 that had an impact on customizations, as you can see by the note.
"These instructions are for versions of JasperReports Server 5.0 and earlier. They will not work for 5.1 and higher."
However, there was additional work done in 5.2 to improve backwards compatibility. So they might work again.

elizam - 9 years 1 month ago