Can I display my input controls on my report when it is exported?


I'm creating reports for different years and categories. Is it possible for me to display my input controls as subtitles in my report? Also, can i show my input controls (such as the year the report was generated for) when my report is exported as pdf?




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Would appreciate if you would post a screenshot or a drawing of exactly what you want. It's kind of confusing just by reading your sentences.

Also, exporting to pdf just would export what is shown on the report to pdf format. If you want to have year printed in your pdf, you'll have to display it on your report too.

hozawa - 9 years 4 weeks ago

I've attached a sample report. I'm running this report for different time periods and I have an input control for a date. Would it be possible for me to show the date period when i"m exporting the report to pdf?

shauntae_mitchell - 9 years 4 weeks ago

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