How to get the value of bean property in jasper report

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Hello everyone.  I have a list of beans. for reference

public static Collection<BeanWithList> getDataSource() {
        Collection<BeanWithList> coll = new ArrayList<BeanWithList>();

        BeanWithList bean = new BeanWithList(Arrays.asList("London", "Paris"), 1);


        bean = new BeanWithList(Arrays.asList("London", "Madrid", "Moscow"), 2);

        bean = new BeanWithList(Arrays.asList("Rome"), 3);

        return coll;

Now I am passing this list to jasper report by putting it into map(map.put()) and I have also created a parameter with same name and class type in main jasper report. so now if i want to set my textfield value according to this. Is tit possible with jasper report?

for first textfield value shd be

firstbean.bean property

for second textfield value shd be

firstbean.second property

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2 Answers:

There a sample of using Java Bean Collection in demo\samples\datasource\src included with the jasperreports file. Look through the source and I think it'll answer your question.


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Which version of ireport you are using I am not finding the path above in my ireport 5.5.0 version.

aypatel90 - 8 years 4 months ago

i also find not this path

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