ireports disregarding my numbers and date settings


I am currently using an XML datasource and I have the date patterns as well as the number pattern set up as dd/mm/yyyy and #,##0.00 respectively, however the data I am pulling from the fields with Xpath is not following this pattern.

an example of a date I am catching is : 2014-02-12 16:00:15 while a price will appear as 40.0000000000.

I also clicked on the aformentioned fields and went into properties, and under pattern I changed it to currency as the numbers refer to prices and set decimals to 2, the problem remains.


I was told by a very knowledgeable person that I also need to change all numeric values from OPENERP to eitehr double or float, so I did change them from java.lang.string to double and set the pattern as currency with 2 decimals but the problems remains.


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