Scheduler problem - Nothing happens when submitting

Hello everyone,


Lately, I've been trying to set a scheduled report without any parameter. Unfortunately, I've been facing an error :


After right clicking,and planifying my report, when I hit the button "Save", I enter the scheduled report name and then nothing happens. I mean, really nothing. I'm not out of the window or anything, there is no schedule set at all on the JasperReports menu ... I haven't found anything on the logs neither. The strange thing is that the JasperReports Server is working just fine. Every reports works great if you forget about the scheduler problem, including the one I'm trying to schedule ! sad


Here is my configuration :

Windosw 2008 R2

JasperReports Server 5.5 (final release)

Microsoft SQL Server 2012


Any hero ?


Best regards,


Jordan Lamarche

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2 Answers:

Hi Jordan,

i had the same problem. There ist something wrong with the DatePicker.

When you have a Date like:


replace it with a Date like:

yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm

(write it i.e. in editor and copy/past it into the field - Jasper won´t let you fill in "/" or "-")

For me it works.

I found it here:

Best regards


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Have you set the Quartz properties as described in the Install Guide? Find the file (in my install it's in the WEB-INF directory). For SQL server set the value of the Quart driver delegate class as follows


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Hello elizam,

To be honest, I did set the quartz properties, except for the quartz.delegateClass property ! Don't know with I forgot it, actually. Thank you for pointing this out.

Unfortunately, it didn't solve my issue. I changed the quartz properties as described in the Install Guide and rebooted my server. Still no response from the menu in the web interface ...

I'm still investigating, but I didn't find anything yet.

Best regards,

Jordan Lamarche

jordan.lamarche - 9 years 3 months ago