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I created a domain against a oracle db having a star schema, wherein Tbl_D is the dimension and Tbl_F1 and Tbl_F2 are two facts. I inner joined the two facts to the dimension. When I pick a column from Tbl_D and Tbl_F1 in a adhoc view and create a report, the query seem to also have Tbl_F2, even though I am not picking any column from it. Is this the default behaviour of Domain? Is this due to start schema? Can any configuration be changed?

A recommendation is to create a copy of the Tbl_D2, under the domain, to join with Tbl_F2 but wondering whether there are any alternatives?


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Can you please paste your domain schema and the query? I will not expect F2 to be involved if F1 is directly joined to D. BTW, which version are you on?



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