Dashboard Hyperlinking to detailed reports in same dashboard not working



I have three reports , lets say R1 ,R2 ,R3. These are drill down reports i.e when you click a field in R1 the details about that field in R2 and clicking upon a field in R2 further details about this field will open in R3.

Now i have a dashboard with R1. If i drill down to R2 it is opening in the same windows (in place of R1) as I want but now If I further drill down to R3 it is opening in separate tab but I want R3 to replace R2 ( as R2 replaced R1 ).

I checked creating another dashboard with R2 as starting report. Now if I drill down to R3 it is opening in te same window as I want.

The problem is when I start from R1 the drill down from R2 to R3 is opening in separate tab but I want this to open in the same window.

I hope I make sense.

Could anyone please help me.

I played around by changing the options in hyperlinkTarget but it was no help.

Thank you.


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