SECURITY FAILURE Logging into JasperReport Server with HTTPS

After getting JRS to run fine on https, i'm having issues with https. The problem starts after logging in with the log INFO message;

2;|2014-02-13 09:58:30,788 ERROR Validator,http-thread-pool-8080(4):408 - [SECURITY FAILURE context=userTimezone-Login_context, key=userTimezone, type(Timezone)=null, input=Australia/Brisbane, maxLength=100, isBlacklist=false]

and the screen displaying error 5321 contact administrator.

If I set security.validation.input.on= false then it all works, but this is not a good solution.

If I comment out the userTimezone=Alpha,Timezone,100,true,userTimezone-Login_context in then I simply get another similar validation error. Commenting this one out leads to another and so on.

Any ideas on what the issue is?



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