Is 5.5.0 patch going to be released for subscription users?


Since 5.5.1 have already been released for community users with bug fixes, are patches going to become available to paid Jaspersoft subscription users for 5.5.0? If not, do subcription users have to wait until 5.6.0 is released to get fixes for known defeats on 5.5.0?

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I think that they made available through the dedicated portal what is called 5.6.0.preview of the Professional version. We for sure prepared the packages for it :-)

It is based on the Community Edition 5.5.1, therefore all the fixes are in.


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Yes, but our users are using 5.5.0 and want patches for that. They're not going to version up to a preview edition. Since 5.5.1 fixed some bugs, Jaspersoft should have fixes for the 5.5.0 version as well. I thought Jaspersoft were selling subscriptions to get patches for the release users were using instead of having to upgrade.

Upgrades are very costly and time-consuming on production environment. The advantage of subscription, I thought, was that we'll be able to get the bug fixes without doing an upgrade.

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The 5.6 "pre-release" is imminent, but won't be released to the general customer base. Only the official "GA" release will be added to our Customer Portal in late April.

To get the 5.6 pre-release, I would recommend contacting your account representative or our Product Management team.



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