Chart is empty when using variables passed from sub-report to fill it

Hi Guys

I am struggling with something and I hope you will be able to help me.

This is my scenario:

In the main report I have six sub-reports that each display 3 values based on the parameter selected in the main report. I have passed all 18 variables back to the main report and when I test them it all works fine (The text fields and the sub-reports are in the same band, when I use evaluation time ‘band’ I get my values passed from sub-reports displayed in the main report). It all works so far.

Next I want to make two charts (simple bar chart) each using 9 variables returned from the sub reports . When I put my variables in the ‘value’ and I run the report the chart is empty. Chart itself is set to the evaluation time ‘band’ as it also resides in the same band.

All 18 variables are simple numbers.

Below is the example from excel of what i am trying to reproduce. Its based on mockup data. User selects a location and depending on it the values in the table are selected. Then from those values a simple chart is created as seen on picture.


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