Pie Chart labels and legend are missing

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We have a strange problem. Our environment is Debian Squeeze with OpenJDK 6 update 18/update 27. JasperReports 4.0.0. We have a Spring based web application that exports some query results to different formats. PDF, DOCX, HTML, etc.

Everything works well except PDF export. Pie Chart labels and legends are not visible. We used jasperreports font extensions to package our fonts to te application. Text fields and static texts are right, only the chart labels and legends are missing.

We tried to use Oracle's JDK6 and OpenJDK 7..everything works well with this JDKs. Plus I made a try with OpenJDK 6 Update 27 on Ubuntu 12.04. Everything was right again.

Only this Debian Squeeze environment fails with PDF export.

Unfortunately we can not upgrade to OpenJDK 7 or change to Oracle's JDK, we have to use OpenJDK 6 with Squeeze.

Any idea folks? :)

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PS: Sorry for my bad english..this is not my native language



I attached a little PDF and the JRXML. The chart and the static text have the same font settings(Lemondrop). As you can see the static text displays right, the chart's labels are almost good. They are resized right but no text :(


The bug is fixed:




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