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We are using JasperSoft 5.5 and are building reports using the "Table component".  Ideally, we would like the report to run with some columns initially hidden.  This works fine. However, if I try to "Show" a hidden column nothing happens and I see the error message:

"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'config' of undefined"

This is the error in Chrome.  In Firefox I see

"jive.elements[args.columnUuid].config.parentId is undefined"

 The only way I can seem to get the Show/Hide functionality to work is if a select "Show All".  I can then hide and show columns while I have the report open.  But if I rerun the report the same error happens again.

It appears to be an error in the follow file: jasperserver-pro/reportresource/reportresource?resource=net/sf/jasperreports/components/headertoolbar/resources/require/jive.interactive.column.js on line 425.

Has anybody else experienced this issue?



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