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I've installed the bundle JSS package. However, when I just go to localhost:8080, Tomcat's home page is show up. Is Tomcat's home page and management pages necessary for JasperReport Server? If not, I'll like to remove them because of security risk. In this case, would just deleting ROOT, manager, and host-manager directories cause any problems?

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This a good suggestion. I think you are refering to the "JRS" installer (ie JasperReports Server) (too many acronyms - haha). 

I will take a look at removing any appropriate tomcat management pages for the next JRS release (which is slated to be 5.6.0). 

We do want to be able to get to some sort of page indicator when just going to http://localhost:8080 - becaues this helps with troubleshooting so that it is clear that tomcat is up and running ok (ie the case where tomcat is  running but the JRS login page can't be found due to somekind of deployment/startup error). 

But, yes, you can remove any additional tomcat UI related setups becase JRS will be at the http://localhost:8080/jasperserver url by default. 

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Thank you for the reply.
I've asked around and it seems some of our customers do want the management pages but the default Tomcat home page seems like a security risk because there's no security on it and shows version information as well. I think some of the links at the top are broken too (e.g. "Examples").

Maybe replace the Tomcat home page with a simple page with JasperReports Server logo and information?

hozawa - 6 years 7 months ago