How to pass parameters in REST_V2 when scheduling a job


hey all,

I'm unable to pass paramters to report i schedule through rest_v2 api,  the report is scheduled correctly, it executes and sends attachment as expected. but when i open the report i can tell the paramters are not set, can you please take a look at the below job xml request and let me know if anything needs to be changed:

(NOTE, the paramter is a single value of type Number) (using jasper server 5.2)

Thanks for the help
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I am also stuck here. Please help...

jigar.patel - 4 years 5 months ago

try something like this

    <value xmlns:xs='' xmlns:xsi='' xsi:type='xs:int'>52</value>

    <value xmlns:xs='' xmlns:xsi='' xsi:type='xs:string'>2014</value>

   <value xmlns:xs='' xmlns:xsi='' xsi:type='xs:date'>2014-03-15</value>

lutfijd - 4 years 5 months ago

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