How to set fixed height of table (pagination)


Hi fellows, I've been researching and studying for days to solve this issue, but no success. This is the problem:

I need this report, with no detail band because each registry will generate a complete page. However this query will fetch child registries that i need to put in a table. Since its a mirror report (I need to print the same information twice in the same page), I have to prevent the number of registers in the table to not overflow the following fields and generate a second report with the remainder child registers. I've attached a image to help you understand what I need. Any help will be very appreciated.


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1 Answer:


If you want to really print all the rows of the table, in order to avoid overlapping you should set all the other elements with position float (so they will be automatically pushed down on the table growing).

If you want just print a specific number of records, you can use the filter expression of the dataset to limit the number of rows produced, i.e.:



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