Domain Security File with Profile Attribute


I am defining domain security using profile attribute, but i am not able to do it.

below is my security file. Can anyone tell me what is missing in this file?

            <resourceAccessGrant id="JoinTree_1__row_grant">
                      <![CDATA[authentication.getPrincipal().getAttributes().any{ it.getAttrName() in ['storecity'] }]]>
            <filterExpression>public_store.store_city in (groovy('authentication.getPrincipal().getAttributes().find{ it.attrName == "storecity" }.attrValue'))</filterExpression>


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3 Answers:

You need stuff around this - the example in the Ultimate Guide has this much:

<securityDefinition xmlns="" version="1.0" itemGroupDefaultAccess="granted">
<!-- Row level security -->
<!-- What access do roles/users have to the rows in the resource? -->
<resourceAccessGrantList id="JoinTree_1_List" label="ListLabel"
<!-- Row level for Cities -->
<resourceAccessGrant id="Jointree_1_row_access_grant_20">
{it.attrName in ['Cities'] }]]></principalExpression>
<!-- Row level for Product Dept -->
<resourceAccessGrant id="Jointree_1_row_access_grant_30">
{it.getAttrName() in ['ProductDepartment'] }]]></principalExpression>

Have you set up the profile attributes you want for your users?  I also normally use the testProfileAttribute function instead of the groovy - is there some reason you are doing it that way? What version of JRS are you using?

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In case you haven't already, you should look at the Ultimate Guide, which goes into row security in detail. The link to an earlier PDF of the Ultimate Guide is here:

The HTML version should be up soon.

elizam - 8 years 10 months ago

Thanks Elizam !!!  This is working fine now. I was doing it from the JasperReport Server User Guide. In that, only Groovy example is given. I am using 5.0.1 version.

I tried with TestProfileAttribute earlier, but it was working. I dont know why?? 

Can you tell me what is the difference between this two - 

1) <![CDATA[authentication.principal.attributes.any{it.attrName in ['Cities'] }]]>

2) <![CDATA[authentication.getPrincipal().getAttributes().any{it.getAttrName() in ['ProductDepartment'] }]]>

There is no such reason for using Groovy, I wanted to apply security using Profile Attribute and I got example of groovy. 

Thanks once again !!



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Here its a video of Domain Security from the Dr Jaspersoft:

More Videos:

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