Does Jaspersoft supports MapR Hadoop Distribution


I  was using JasperReport Server 5.5 and Jaspersoft studio 5.5 to create reports on Apache hadoop 1.1.1 and i was able to craete reports on apache hadoop data.Also i think jaspersoft supports Cloldera,if yes please let me know which versions of clouldera it supports.

Now i wanted to use jaspersoft with MapR Hadoop.Does it supports mapR Hadoop distribution,if yes please let me know which are the versions it supports?

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As far as I know, CDH 4.5 is supported, pre-4.x versions are no longer supported by CDH either.
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Does it supports MapR Hadoop ?


shreecs - 9 years 4 months ago

1 Answer:

mapR is the hadoop distribution, but the underlying hadoop components like hbase, hive, etc are the actual components that we connect to and "talk" to.   So we can work with mapR, any version, as long as the actual component within your hadoop/mapR ecosystem is a supported connection (hbase and hive 1, hive 2, virtual or native, etc).   

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