Import/Export individual reports without referenced resources


We want to be able to import and export individual reports from one JasperReports server instance to another (e.g. development to testing to production migrations as well as being able to script the update of individual reports on client installations).

By now, I think I understand reasonably well how the js-import/js-export works: If I'm exporting an individual report (=URI), the tool js-export automatically includes all referenced shared resources, i.e. datasources and input-controls. When importing that export (with update option) into an existing Jasperserver installation which already contains these shared resources, these shared resources would be overridden, wouldn't they?

Is there any way to export/import only the "definition" of report with its JRXML file without touching the references resources?

Any help and ideas appreciated



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1 Answer:

You can delete Reports which you want update in destination, then import data without "update"
Import will skip existing resources in this case.

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Hi ogavavka, is there a way to script the deletion of the report?

tbuckel - 9 years 4 months ago

If you are familiar with some programing language you can use REST API for Update/Delete Reports. How to do that - look at docs or samples for your language.<strong><<<<<< This comment was blocked and unpublished because <a href="">Project Honeypot</a> indicates it came from a suspicious IP address.</strong>

ogavavka - 9 years 4 months ago