how to use page break to display and print large amount of column?


I have a report which has large amount of columns(20 until 100). I can not display it on one page and i want display 27 column on every page.

here is refrence to my code.

How can i use page break to solve this problem?

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2 Answers:

You can easily achieve by placing the 'Column Break' Element in your report, to achieve this you can follow these steps:
1. You need to drag and place break element in from the palette in iReport/Jaspersoft Studio.
2. Then in case of iReport you need to choose the break type as Column and similarly in case of Jasper Reports 
3. Then you need to set a Print When Expression for the break element as you want the break to occur after 25 columns. 
4. I think you should try the table component, which offers the possiblity to hide unused columns using a printWhenExpression.
you can try the same using dynamic jasper.
This is how you can achieve the solution for your problem. Hope that this helps.
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Can we use Pagebreak in JasperReports to go to new page after certain number of column and print the columns?

Ankur Can you Explain Briefly...

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