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I am trying to implement custom function for Studio. But I had bad times doing this. My extension does not apper in the list of functions.

I referenced this article http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/jaspersoft-studio-expression-editor-how-extend-it-and-contribute-your-own-functions-part-2

I can't figure out what i do wrong.

Maybe somebody has sample with implementing custom function for JasperSoft Studio 5.5.0.





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Can you please provide more details about what you're trying to do, perhaps with a screen shot or two?


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Hi, Ilona.

1) I created new project in Eclipse. 


2)  I Exported this project as *.jar file. 

3) In JusperSoft Studio 5.5.0 right click on folder "MyReports" and added exported result jar file. 


4) Create new report and open expression editor for one of fields 


By the way, i did not managed to find to libraries from example (jasperreports-expressions*.jar and jasperreports-exprfunctions*.jar) , so I just added reference to jasperreports-5.5.0.jar library.

My properties file looks :






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I just saw that the tutorial you are linking is the old one. Starting from JasperReports 5.1.2 the correct tutorial is the following one: http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/jaspersoft-studio-expression-editor...

Please give a look at it. And then let me know if you have problems.

I will fix the old one adding "deprecation" information.

Best regards,

P.S: I suppose you searched through the wiki, because in the "Resources" page of the JSS project the link was pointing to the correct updated tutorial. 

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Hi, thanks for you reply.

I tryed to implement my functions following another article 

http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/jaspersoft-studio-expression-editor-how-extend-it-and-contribute-your-own-functions-part-2-0 and managed to do this. But I can't understend how  I can add referece to another library in order to use functionality in my functions?   When I add reference to library in "Properties for MyReports" in Java Build Path  then this library is not visible in my functions. is it possible to refere another library in my extension function?

Thanks, Vadim 






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And it would be nice to know in wich way it is possible to add different kind of extensions to Studio (custom components for example) and then use these extensions in production mode? I have to put jar files near JasperReports-5.5.0.jar file ?

sottomarino - 9 years 3 weeks ago

There is probably something wrong in how your project build-path is set.
If I understood well, you would like to invoke methods of classes from other jars. Correct?
This is possible, and it's a matter to set the build-path properly. Could you please post some screenshots of how it is you currently build-path with the jar supposed to be used?

Best regards,

mrabbi - 9 years 3 weeks ago