Rounding and Saving Errors

Issue 1 : Rounding errors and random decimals?

I have 2 float fields in a database that get imported automatically as "doubles". Example of the issue:

Field A = 1163.600006 : If I leave this as a double, it shows on the report as 1163.5938363 etc etc tons of decimals. If I change it to a float, it'll show as 1163.6, which is acceptable.

Field B = 1.050000 : If I leave this as a double, it shows on the report as 1.049999 etc etc. If I change it to a float, it'll show as 1.05, which is acceptable.

Field C is simply PRODUCT(A,B). I can't seem to get this field to round at all. It always shows up as 1221.77999 etc etc. Even if I tell it to float_value(). Can't get it to round right. Any ideas?

Issue 2 : Saving error

This one is truly frustrating. I'm attempting to add a parameter in my WHERE clause of my SQL statement. When I add it and save the report, the Jaspersoft Studio client kind of "refreshes", and when I go back into the query, the change I made is GONE. It was also happening with a separate report, where I would make 4 variables, save the report, and then the client would "refresh" and all 4 variables I created would vanish entirely. I don't understand this issue at all, any thoughts?

Sorry for taking so long to explain the issues, any and all answers are appreciated. Thanks!

-Joe Stay

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Forgot to mention, the only way I've found to resolve the saving error I'm getting is to recreate the report entirely.

I have a pretty thorough report right now that I really really don't want to have to remake. Thanks again.

jstay - 9 years 2 months ago

1 Answer:

I've also experienced the saving error on Jaspersoft Studio 5.5 Pro. Jaspersoft Studio, however, is only generating/eding *.jrxml files so I'm just backing up xml document in the source tab to a text editor periodically.

Error, also, doesn't seem to happen all the time and I probably need to find steps to always reproduce it.

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