Using Parameters with Table Dataset Displays blank



It has been few months now i can't figure this out. When using hard coded values the report runs fine but as soon as i use parameters i get blank report. If someone could have a look i would be most grateful!

1. I have created a main report query dataset select * from Company.

2. I have added a parameter Parameter1 in the main parameter section.

3. I add a table, which i drag from the Palette.

4. Since the table cant use the main dataset created earlier I create a new dataset called 'Table Dataset'. In the dataset I specify select * from Company where CompanyID = $P{Parameter1}
5. I also add Parameter Parameter1 in the 'Table Dataset' parameters.

I click on preview, i get prompt for the Input Parameter i run the report but there is nothing displayed.

What am i missing?


Using Jaspersoft Studio 5.5.0 Final

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1 Answer:



you must specify the parameters on the table.

  • Select the table
  • In the property panel click on Dataset
  • Click on Parameters
  • Add the parameters you need. The name of each param must be the same you have specified in the table dataset. For parameters value select the main report parameter.

In this way you specified a value with the input controls. This value is assigned to a main report parameter and than this parameter will be passed to the tables parameter.

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Thanks for your reply, it works.

oakrami - 5 years 9 months ago

Hi guys,
In my JasperStudio 5.2, adding parameters to table dataset not working.
When i save my report, its going blank again and doesnt work.

What am i doing wrong ?

jerome.parot - 5 years 6 months ago