Hadoop-Hive connection form Jaspersoft Studio 5.5


I have installed Jaspersoft studio 5.5 professional edition and JasperReport Server 5.5 enterprise evaluation edition on the same machine(64bit windows machine). Now i wanted to create reports on hadoop data using hive as a connector. So in Jaspersoft Studio , i have  chosen Hive Connection to create new Data Adapter and  specified URL as

jdbc:hive://  (my hive is installed on remote machine)

When i test the connection it stops there itself i.e, it doesn't proceed further to finish and save the hive connection.

On my remote machine my Thrift Server is running properly.

I'm using jdk 1.6 and eclipse 4.3.0 version.

What could be the problem ? How to overcome this problem ?


Thanks in advance


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Hello Shreecs

I am expriencing the same problem? Could you share your findings regardless if you have found solution or not.




oakrami - 9 years 4 weeks ago

If you're using hiveserver2, you must change the protocol to hive2, e.g.:



pieter_4 - 8 years 12 months ago

1 Answer:

You can trace eroor from 2 ways !
1) Check the jasper server log [if you have deployed it in tomcat, check the catalina.out]
2) Check the hive log ex: /tmp/hduser/hive.log

If you can't trace the error, send the error log !


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