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with jaspersoft being a reporting tool i believe others have had a similar porblem. 

I have data in mongodb and data in sql server. I need to join them together for reporting purposes only.

For example i have in my mongodb accountid and in my sqlserver database i have aid, Name, etc. Both accountid and aid are matching.

is there a way to get the data from both in one report. 

I think it is a lost cause but you might have some interesting ideas.

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Why don't you give a try to JasperSoft ETL which allows you to join various tables from diffrent sources and combine into one and then you can use the joined table to produce reports.


Hope that this helps

Ankur gupta


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Hi Ankur,
Thank you for your answer. I have had a look at ETL and i think it might be the solution but I am new to jaspersoft and i have hardly used talend. I have had a look at the documentation and i am not sure how the file that would be outputted from talend is then used in jasper. Thank you again.


oakrami - 9 years 4 months ago

With Jaspersoft ETL you just joing the data form Mongo and MSSQL into another DB let's say in MSSQLServer and call that one your reporting db. Once the data is in the reporting DB you can use that one for Jasper Reports. Check the Jaspersoft ETL essentials course here https://www.jaspersoft.com/bi-training-center

marianol - 9 years 4 months ago