ETL Installation


When I run the file: Jaspersoft-JETL-Installer-r99271-V5.2.2-windows-installer.exe

I am told: There has been an error.  The installer could not find a valid Java (tm) on this machine.  Supported versions: Vendor: Sun min. 1.5 max and JDK required.

I am on Windows 8.  Updated my Java this morning, restarted, it has not helped.

Any word of advice would be appreciated.


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1 Answer:


See here for a potential solution:


Make sure you have a JDK installed, not just a runtime environment.  Also make sure you have set the java_home environment variable and the path as described in the thread.  You should be able to run both 'java -version' and 'javac' from the command line.



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