Reports with multiple elements

I am wondering if it's possible to create a report that contains multiple ad hoc views or an add hoc view that contains multiple tables, crosstabs, or charts.

I'm still trying to get my head around the distinction between a report and an ad hoc view. I read this wiki page and it really helped me gain a better understanding of domains, topics, and reports but it doesn't mention ad hoc views which at least seem to be a compulsary building block of a report.

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A dashboard is almost what I'm looking for apart from not being able to export/print.

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1 Answer:

Without getting into iReport Designer or Jaspersoft Studio,  which are the traditional report creation tools,  the short answer to your question is: No, you cannot create a report with multiple Ad Hoc Views or Multiple tables, crosstabs or charts.

An Ad Hoc view can be the basis of a report. There is a "Save as" option in saving the view that allows you to save it as a Report.  If you have saved the view as a report, they become linked so that, if you change the View, the Report will be updated as well.

These Ad Hoc generated Reports can then be used in Dashboards.

Refer to the Server Documentation for all of this.

Ad Hoc is, as its name implies, designed at this point in time, as a quick way to generate comparitively simple reports. To move to the more complex types that you talk about, try reading You will need to learn how to use Jaspersoft Studio or iReport Designer. iReport Designer is being phased out in favor of Jaspersoft Studio, which is built on top on the Eclipse IDE, so I would suggest Jaspersoft Studio. Once you're up to speed, you will be able to build the kinds of reports you speak of.

Good Luck!  Hope this helped.




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I'd since figured as much but thanks for confirmation.
Thanks for your time.

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