Opening Server 5.5 - 2G dashboard in studio

I have installed the AWS version of Server 5.5


This comes with a number of sample reports and dashboards. I am trying to understand how I can open and edit the  2g. Performance Summary Dashboard. 

When I try to open the dashnoard on the server in design mode, I see a single object that I cannot edit.

When i point Studio 5.5 at the server repository it does not see a JRXML file.

Is there any way I can open the dasjboard in studio and adjust? Is studio 5.5 the right tool.

Thanks in advance



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2 Answers:


Jaspersoft Studio (JSS) is the right tool. As you are an AWS customer, you are eligible to sign up for our free support package that includes access to the latest JSS release.

If you already signed up, you should have received a link to download. If not, you can get your free support package here: . (Please note, you will be asked for your Amazon account ID and instance ID. If you do not know how to find these numbers, the easiest way to register for free support is by going to Jaspersoft AWS instance page - . Delete the highlighted part, navigate to the page part and choose the "Get support" button that will auto discover your details).

Also, when trying to edit the report, please make sure you edit the actual report (14g.Performance Summary) and not the dashboard which is based on this report.



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OK, I was able to access the support portal and did find the link for Studio Pro. I was able to load this and I can now open the 14G sample report. Thanks for your help.


Steve.B - 8 years 10 months ago

Once I started using Studio Pro, I was able to work with these reports on the server. They use HTML5 charts which community studio cannot handle.

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