custome input control example needed


Dear all,

I want to create a custome multiselect query input control,How to create a jsp page for this and specify for the report.

And how can I access the value of this parameter in my report.

Please if any body have any sample report or sample input control form please provide.




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If you're still on 5.2 you can have a look at this for a starting point -

If you're using 5.5, they changed the input controls in that version and none of what I've written before works anymore. Waiting for Jaspersoft to update their documentation (or wirte it to start with, more specifically). 

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Thank you very much Camron,
I have gone through jasperserver 5.5 that functionality is working fine.
And also thanks for your link.

bschundawat143 - 5 years 7 months ago

Hi bschundawat143,

Can you please provide the custom input example in jasper server5.5.I did not understand the example given in link..Please help me out


rsuddhala - 5 years 3 months ago