where do you specify input parameter's where clause in jasperserver


I need to create a report with query based input parameter. I can create the parameter but do not know where to specify the where clause in the report on the server. Do you specify it in the ad hoc view or somewhere else? I need to specify WHERE customer_id = $P{cust_ID}.

I have seen an example where it is done in jaspersoft studio but not on the server.


Thanks for your help

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Your question is not clear. It sounds like you are unsure how to create Input Controls on JasperReports Server. Input Controls is how the server solicits parameter values from the user. Is that what you mean?

sfriedman - 9 years 9 months ago

1 Answer:

In the Ad Hoc designer,  you can right-click on any field and select the option "create filter" to create an input control for that field. Depending on the data type of the field, there will by various operator options for that filter.  You can then generate a Report from the view that will have those input controls enabled in it. 

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Hello and thank you for your reply.

Thats right i need input conrol that would be populated dynamicly using a query and the user can do a selection. I know when you create an ad hoc view you can create a filter but the filters but that is not something i would need because i need to create multiple cascading input controls. For example user makes selection in control 1 and value in control 2 and 3 narrows down and the user can make further subsequent selection.

I can create the control by editing the report and adding input controls however the value of the report itself does not seem to change when i run it. I think there should be a way to link the input control and the report but I cant seem to figure it out.



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